Sako TRG 22-Experience & Worth the Money?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Sgt. Mike, May 1, 2009.

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    I was looking at purchasing a Sako TRG-22, .308 Winchester but I wanted to find out the expected accuracy or in general do owners feel the gun is worth the price? All advice is appreciated. Thank You, Sgt. Mike
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    Welcome to the Forum Sgt. Mike -

    Okay, the Sako TRG - where to begin? :D

    Sako is out of Finland, and I think they also produce the Tikka which is great rifle as well. They make a very good factory rifle. It's well designed, it's well put together and the performance is defiitely there.

    Sako started from the ground up on this project ( the 22 and 42 series ). Well, actually they started at the top and worked down because this rifle action is based on their bigger, beefer .338 Laupa Magnum action.

    The incorporated the three locking lug, 60 degree short throw bolt, along with all the usual tactical toys like an integrated scope rail ( though it's 17mm - which is a bit odd. I think they also have it pre-drilled for a picatinny rail, but if I remember right, the screw size is metric and small ), 4 way adjustable stock ( this is pretty slick because they allow for pitch on your cheek piece ) , detachable box mags and the like.

    The barrel is already free floated, but it's the factory standard, cold hammer forged barrel. Nothing wrong with it, but there are better after market barrels available. .308s have a good long barrel life, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    According to Sako, this is THE MOST ACCURATE off the shelf tactical rifle you can buy. I don't know if I agree with that, but they have definitely put out a good product.

    I like certain aspects of the rifle ( the action and bolt design are excellent ) and other parts of it I could flat do without ( the safety is inside the trigger guard, so there is no sight to it without moving your head & the bipod mounts into the front of the stock, where it's most susceptible to stress, as opposed to just being attached to a rail underneath the weapon ).

    They are pricey. $2600 and up, and that is before you add optics. That is a lot of money on a factory gun in my opinion.

    I have handled the weapon, but never shot it. There have been a total of two that I have played with, one at SHOT and one came through the shop, and both felt the part of a tack driver. The trigger isn't crisp, the first stage is very short and the trigger break felt mushy to me. Might just be me, but I like a little take up and then a glass rod like snap on my tactical shooting triggers.

    Is it worth the money?? Only you can answer that question. Personally I think there are other packages available that would fall into the same ability category, but at the end of the day, it's your money.

    Is it a good rifle? Absolutely!

    Will it shoot better than you probably can with it? Probably.

    Could you build a rifle that would compete with it in accuracy for about the same amount of money? Most definitely.

    What is the attraction to this weapon system Sgt?