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Sako Forester

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Hey all.
Today I inherited a new rifle. My dad gave it to me for XMas, and my grandfather had given it to him. It's a Sako Forester in .243. Beautiful riflle, but I don't know much about the company (other than that they're Finnish). It's got a 2-7 scope on it, that my dad says is "way off."
Any interesting points or general info I should know about this rifle, company, or model? I'm about to go do a google search for the manual and one for the scope.
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One of the few truly superb rifles, "right out of the box "in the world today.

You're lucky to get it.
Great Gun

I have an old SAKO in .222
No clue as to which model.
I believe it is a RIIHIMAKI.
Thanks, guys.
The more I read about the rifle, the more I realize how awesome that something like this is still in my family. The SN appears to be from sometime in the mid-60s, and the Mannlicher stock makes it even more interesting.
Sako makes fantastic rifles. Great barrels. Known for superb accuracy and craftsmanship. It makes a great heirloom rifle. Great rifle to keep in the family for generations.
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