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    I have recently been introduced into the Saiga semi auto rifle world. I bought a .223 Saiga and have been very impressed! The reliability of the AK action with sporter / hunting touches that make it an excellent carbine ( 16 inch barrel, standard ). It is more reliable and more accurate than my Mini 14. The price is under $300 for the weapon, new in the box.

    Has anyone had experience with the .308 Saiga?
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    Did you buy local or through an online retailer?

  3. allmons

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    Local mom & pop dealer

    near my home. Paid $249 + TN sales tax ( which is HUGE since we have no State income tax ).
  4. allmons

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    There is an on line dealer who lists them for $249.95

    Classic Arms Inc. lists the Saiga .223 and 7.62x39 for $249.95 and the .308 at $349.95.

    Most people think of shotguns when you mention Saiga, but the rifle I bought sure changed my way of thinking.

    The rifles come with a standard AK scope / accessory mount on the left side of the receiver, although it seems better made and a bit tighter than the military style AK's. It does retain the direct gas piston system and the same safety lever. Handling is remarkable - when you first look at it, it seems unbalanced - with rapid sight acquisition and minimal recoil.
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    .308 Saiga

    I bought my .308 saiga in 2004. It is an awsome hunting rifle. The trigger has an awkward pull, but you will get used to it. You can also replace it with an AK trigger, but you would have to do a pistol grip or thumb hole stock conversion. There are 20 round mags starting to show up, but they are still pretty hard to come by.
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    Saiga 308

    Just delivered 2 to a customer. He was very happy with them.
    Triggers are a little stiff and barrel a little short for full 308 performance envelope...but these are not sniper rifles !

    With the shortage of 308 surplus due to the UN Ban on sale of surplus ammo...308 has jumped from $ 200's per thousand to $ 500 per thousand.

    At .50 cents per shot..I would want something in a better platform to shoot it thru...Like an M-1A or FAL.

    JMHO :rolleyes:
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    Wow! How the prices have changed.