Saiga .223 conversion

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    I'd like to have a .223 conversion done. The first thing I'll have done is move the FCG forward and (put in a new FCG - Arsenal US made) install a pistol grip. I don't know how many parts that'll give me towards 922r compliance.

    I'm gonna use the Surefire US made 30 rd. mags to avoid having the magazine well work done. The mags seems to cost about the same as the Bulgarian and Weiger ones (hard to find). Pro Mag makes .223 mags for the Saiga, but I don't know if they're any good.

    I want to have the barrel threaded to accept an AK-74 style flash hider. The Arsenal 106 rifles are threaded for the 24mm breaks. I don't know which is more available and better suited to the rifle. 14 x 1 LH or 24mm threads. I think the 24mm threading seems to be best.

    I'd then like to have AKM furniture installed. I know that I'll need a lower hand guard retainer for the lower HG. Dinzag has bolt on LHG's to reduce the amount of gunsmithing. They cost $85 though!!! I've seen push/press-on LGH's on other sites, ranging from $15 - $25. I'll have a gunsmith do the work, so the press-on LHG ($20) seems to be cheaper route. Can any AKM LHG be used on a .223 Saiga? I saw an AK-74 LHG, but that may be too small.