Saiga 223 barrel bent?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by earthcruzer, May 6, 2011.

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    I havn't had time to go to the range since I converted the rifle to the standard "AK" layout, but it looks like my barrel has a slight bend to it. It may be my eyes messing with me but I swear it looks bent. A cleaning rod goes through and through cleanly. I dont have laser that goes from the chamber only a standard bore sight laser. Does anyone else have a saiga 223 converted that has a barrel that looks bent? I'll know for sure when I do get it to the range when im shooting 2" high at 150yds I guess. Another off question I'd like to ask, pertains to reasonable accuracy and expectations of a 16" barreled saiga. Is it reasonable to be able to expect decent accuracy of one of these rifles at no more than 200yds. It is my gun mainly for inexpensive plinking but it would be nice to know that it could fulfill the criteria for a decent weapon if the zombie apocalypse happens lol. :D
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    bent barrel

    Don't take that gun to the range...take it to a gunsmith and give him a few bucks to check the barrel, might prevent a big problem. I wonder, how did it get bent, is it new, did you drop it ?, takes a bit of pressure to bend a rifle barrel. Don't shoot the gun till you have it checked. Good luck.

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    If a cleaning rod goes through cleanly, you may be OK. Field strip and visually inspect by looking from chamber to muzzle at a strong light. German gun makers visually inspect and straighten barrels still.