Saiga 12 Shotguns!

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    I just got this e-mail from K-VAR Corporation
    Saiga 12-gauge Shotgun by Arsenal, Inc. Sold thru

    K-VAR Corporation
    Shoots 2 ¾” to 3” ammo
    Shells, Chokes, Threads available
    Gas system: very little recoil
    Semi-auto Shotgun: to follow-up shots
    Single-Shot: all energy used for one shot, not wasted on recoil

    and bolt return
    Kalashnikov System known not to fail (recoil spring system)

    Tactical Shooting: Barrel is chrome lined, makes it ideal for all

    kinds of shots like shooting steel out of it.
    Steel Shots need chrome lined barrels!
    $469 - For this price, it’s less than half the cost of a Bareli

    (min. $1000) semi-auto shotgun!

    also for:
    Home Defense: Good for protecting your property and love ones. Can

    Shoot 20 rounds drums or basic 1 plus 5 round magazine for quick

    follow up shot with very little recoil. All kinds of accessories

    available out in the market for this shotgun. Extremely reliable

    shotgun makes it ideal for all Military and tactical use. Same

    shotgun used by Russian Special Forces.



  2. orangello

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    They are interesting firearms. Do you own one or have personal experience with one?

  3. lkd

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    Saiga 12's are great, but don't let anybody blow smoke up yer butt that they're failure-free. Like _all_ semi-auto shotties, they can be VERY particular about what will properly feed and cycle. I've shot in 3 USPSA shotgun matches with my Saiga and STILL haven't found the right "tuning" (ammo + gas adjust). To top it off, changing mags quickly is a bear, just like standard AKs (worse, actually).

    I love my Saiga, and the price listed on that website is good, but don't buy into any hype that makes it seem like they're completely reliable.