Sage Stocks Anyone?

Discussion in 'Sponsor Display' started by SecurityArms, Jun 12, 2007.

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    Here are some Photos of what you can do with these. If you're not familier with them they are for M1A or M14 rifles.
    Here's a grouping showing some of the options. I did not show the California compliant model but I have those too. Any model in black, complete as shown, is $650. Add $75 for OD or tan and $85 for folder option. Colors shown are Black, OD, and desert tan. Bottom of stack is Socom II in desert tan folder. You can see the complete rig is shorter folded than any of the stocks by themselves when collapsed.
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    Never seen these before. Quite interesting. Would you please post a picture of one with the SOCOM II installed and the stock unfolded so I can see the relationship between the pistol grip and the trigger guard? TIA