Sage advice from the sage driver!

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    Sage advice from the sage coach driver!

    C3shooter’s Personal rules of internet conduct- (subject to change at my whim)
    1. Remember, it is only the internet.
    2. Just because he is a freaking idiot, it is not necessary that YOU tell him he is a freaking idiot. If he is, others will draw the same conclusion.
    3. There is a reason there are different flavors of ice cream. Some like chocolate some like strawberry, and some like glocks. ( Ewww! )
    4. It takes no more effort to make a civil reply that a smart assed reply. If the newbie asks what his RG .22 is worth, tell him- but don't go out of your way to make him feel bad about buying it.
    5. Do not ask a question if you are not prepared for the possible answers.
    6. If I ask for someone's opinion on something, there must be a reason I asked for their opinion. Does not mean I have the right to pick a fight with them because our opinions vary.
    7. A little cute goes a long way.
    8. If a planned activity is illegal or physically dangerous, tell the person- then shut up. If you are not a LEO, or the action is not where you will be spattered with human body fluid, not your problem.
    9. Be willing to learn from others. Everyone you meet will know SOMETHING you don't. Catalogue that so you will know who to ask when the time comes.
    10. It ain't worth getting heartburn over.​
    What we have heah is.... failure to communicate.
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