Safety pays off!

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    More Children Killed by Pillows Than by Firearms

    Firearms Less Than 1.5% of Accidental Fatalities Among Children

    NEWTOWN, Conn --( For children and youth 14 years of age and under,unintentional injuries are the leading cause of fatality, but firearms account for the lowest cause of injury among youth.

    “Tragically, 18% more children are killed by suffocation from bedding, plastic bags or small objects than guns.” said Ammoland Editor, Fredy Riehl


    Safety pays nonetheless let's try and get that number lower...!

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    Kudos to the firearm industry and firearm enthusiasts for their safety efforts.

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    I can't help but laugh at this. I know, it's very tragic for any child to die, for any reason, but that's not what amuses me. I'm thinking of the FL doctors who have recently been in some situations for (some of them) have refused to take on new patients who parents were gun owners.

    And then the anti gun media, and anti gun private citizens have this irrational fear of children getting killed by improperly secured guns.

    I find it funny how all these anti gun "statistics" are continually shot down in flames. Pun intended.
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    well, I must say, THAT settles it. Did you see the number of DROWNINGS? A huge percentage of these happen in privately owned swimming pools, with no government regulation and no professional lifeguards!

    This is due to the Chlorine Lobby, and the National Natatorium Association! We need a law, limiting pools to 10 inches in depth, outlawing those diving boards, and a 7 day waiting period after eating before you can swim. And don't get me started about those cheap imported pool toys- the Saturday Afternoon Specials, and those Assault floats.

    I mean, you don't NEED a swimming pool- if you want to swim, there are government owned pools with lifeguards. If it saved the life of just one child, wouldn't it be worth it?

    And it's not like you have a Constitutional Right to a swimming pool. Why, they did not even HAVE pools back then- and the founders had no idea of the carnage that would be caused by pools.

    Isn't there an International Treaty on swimming?

    Yes, all of above is tongue in cheek. Makes it sound pretty silly, huh? That's the point.

    Please excuse, I am on my way to stamp out Drunk Driving, as soon as we can outlaw automatic transmissions, and limit gas tanks to 7 gallons.
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    The pie chart is all nice and pretty, but 65 children being killed by firearms is 65 too damn many. There is nothing good at being on that chart at all.

    Why people can't handle firearms in a responsible manner is beyond me. Last weekend some doofus, where I live, called his two best friends to help him track a wounded deer, then shot one of them dead when the friend shook some bushes........ Chances are alcohol was involved. The problem is, stories like this aren't new or news.
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    I hear ya and we strive for perfect knowing that it is damn near impossible to attain...As well, I don't get to Holier Than Thou with safety because "IT" can happen to anyone in the blink of an eye...we constantly remind each other about safety here. My kids, 25, 27, & 29, have been around guns all their lives and safety was ALWAYS taught and emphasized. I can honestly state, bar none, that my kids are THE safest gun handlers I have ever seen.

    IMO, safety has to be so ingrained in one that it is second nature and to be un-safe would require a deliberate, conscious act. I could go into great detail as to our procedures and training but I'm pressed for time...
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    And whose oil do they make that plastic bag out of? CNG not Deadly Arab Dino Soup, to save the children.
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    You are never going to make life perfectly safe. It bothers me that you are more upset over the lowest number on the chart than the larger numbers. It would seem to me that firearms are the least of our worries. People seem to be far more responsible with firearms than with other aspects of life.

    One thing the chart/numbers ignore is who and why a child was shot. I'm quite sure you will find the vast majority of it isn't coming from legally owned firearms. A lot of gang members fit the 14 and under profile.
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    How bout that highest number? The vehicle accidents? I see way too many kids standing up in the rear seat making faces at me out the back window.

    I was passed on the highway just a few days ago by a homey, he was doing 80 in a 55 zone, while I was doing 65 myself, he had one kid about 2-3 standing in the front seat, his hand on an infant that was laying on the center console, and another who looked about 5 laying across the back dash area (above the seat and in the window, don't really know what that's called). Of course I called the cops, then sped up to follow him towards town, and by the time we reached Nesbit, about 5 miles out of my way while trying to go home, we had passed no less than 3 cops while I was flashing my lights at them and waving to get their attention. Nobody gives a sh!t. I'm upset now thinking about it. I followed the guy for almost 20 miles, staying on the phone with Hernando PD, keeping our 20 updated, flashing and waving at every cop we passed. In the end he sped up to pull away from me when he realized what I was up to, and my poor truck tops out at 85, so he left me like I was sitting still. Yes, you read all that correctly, we were doing 80 in a 55 and neither of us were even pulled for speeding.

    I'm not trying to cop bash, my point is the jackass bad parent/mama's boyfriend/baby daddy or what the hell ever he was to those kids.
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