Safety Goggles?

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by TacoPete, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. TacoPete

    TacoPete Guest

    How many people here wear safety goggles to the range, arent you required to? How often does a firearm spit out stuff that flys up into your eyes?
  2. Tilt

    Tilt New Member

    I don't wear goggles, but I do wear safty glasses. Goggles are not required at the range I visit But glasses are. I've never had anything but a few little hot specs hit me in the face, but I have had friends that had guns fire out of battery throw sh!t everywhere. They beat eye & ear protection into our head so much at work that it is like second nature now. You only have one set of eyes and ears, so why take any chances.

  3. 1984cj

    1984cj New Member

    Goggles. No.
    The range that I am a member of does require eye protection on site.
    I usually wear flight glasses when practicing on paper and ansi approved safety glasses when I am shooting steel or competing.
    I use ear protection with anything other than a .22 rifle.
  4. matt g

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    If it's bright out, I'll throw on some sunglasses. The only time I came close to taking something in the eye was when I had an M2 blow up on me in the army. I was wearing sunglasses at the time, so I got lucky. My AG had to have a half dozen pieces of steel and brass removed from his cheek and the side of his head.
  5. BLS33

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    I wear motorcyle glasses, they are really light and comfortable.
  6. aussierogue

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    I wear safety glasses all the time :D

  7. pioneer461

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    Safety glasses are required, along with hearing protection, at every range that I know of. Even when I go into the mountains and informally plink and blow up water jugs, I insist that everyone with me wear "eyes & ears." Its just common sense. On the police ranges I attend annually to qualify, body armor is required, but I don't armor up to plink on a logging road.

    I do make an exception for hunting, but I normally wear beefed up, polarized sun glasses anyway.:cool:

    I've had firearms "spit out stuff." Stand beside someone firing a revolver, and it is common to get sprayed with powder and fragments of lead fouling. I've also been hit with ricochets from as far away as 25 yards. Shooting semi-auto pistols, occasionally an ejected case will fly right in my face.

    Why take a chance? You only get one set of eyes.

  8. cpttango30

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    I do not wear safety glasses persay but I wear my gargoyals when shooting. My Ray-Bans are to small to shoot with them on. I have taken a fleck of hot powder from my Neos once right in the eye when I did not have them on (Forgot the gargoyles and it went right over the raybans. So the gargoyals live in my range bag.

    Eyes and ear are two things you only get one set each Take care of them.