Safest Ammo for Home defense?

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    What are your opinions as to the safest personal/home protection ammunition available for use in the .40 S&W???

    By safe I mean, while shooting close range at a given target, the bullet has the power to stop the target, but not enought power to continue to travel (i.e. into other rooms) in the case of a hit. In the case of a miss, what type of cartridge will lack penetration through drywall/plaster? Is that where the very light (115 grain) bullets come into play? I have had trouble finding definitive info about the balistics/ wound patterns of these cartridges.

    I know what to use to devistate a target, but sometimes delicate precautions are the only option.

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    Here you go Diggs, you might also consider a shotgun also and there is the availability to use frangible ammunition also. They make it in all handgun calibers and shotgun. Frangible, or “soft,” rounds are designed to break apart when they hit walls or other hard surfaces to prevent ricochets during close-quarters combat. Here's a link for more info on the frangible ammo.

    Frangible Ammunition

    .40 Smith & Wesson Caliber:

    One Shot Stopping Success: 71-96% (Actual)
    Self Defense Rating: Best

    Recommended Cartridges:

    Cor-Bon "Nosler" JHP 135 grains 96%
    Federal JHP 155 grains 94%
    Remington "Golden Saber" JHP 165 grains 94%
    Federal "Hydra-Shok" JHP 155 grains 93%
    Cor-Bon JHP 150 grains 92%
    Winchester "Silvertip" JHP 155 grains 91%
    Federal "Hydra-Shok" JHP 180 grains 89%
    Cor-Bon +P JHP 180 grains 86%

    Penetration can be expected to range from 10 to 12 inches.
    The lighter bullet choices in this caliber, manufactured by any of the top five producers, have the edge over the heavier 180 grain loads. Recoil of the 135 to 155 grain rounds is also less.


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    Ok I will definately be getting some of the frangible ammo. I just didn't know if it was as effective. Thanks for the input.

    Will the shot shells for handguns put someone down? What are their range?
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    What kind of handgun? The Judge?
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    Glaser Safety Slugs...I think they're still around. They still have a website....and, upon trying to put them in my "shopping cart," they led me to believe that they are currently available. Sounds like the same technology as Frangible.
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    duh....I see now that "frangible" is a term and not a brand name. Glaser is considered a true "frangible" type of ammo.