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I'm looking for a safe for my rifles and whatnot. I only have a few but there are a couple of other things I want to store also. The thing is I don't know anything about safes. I just started reading here about them and I am learning as I go. I have up to $1200 I can use for the purchase and don't want to make the mistake of spending it on junk. I'm hoping someone can steer me away from the bad ones and to a safe that is the most bang for my buck. Looks don't matter. Fire rating does. Are there any paticular brands to avoid at all costs?
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American security safes

American security has nice safes with a good fire ratings, well built and they have many locking bars on the doors. I would not go with the fancy door handles or the eletroinc locks. My safe has the combitation wheels and you can also lock it with a key. If I were you I would stay away from all the fancy
things they offer. Just get a good well built safe. Also you can by different interiors say from 10 to 15 guns .do a little research and spend wisely.

i just got a cannon safe at sams club ! very nice good looking .. 1 hour fire door.. and the best thing .............$649.00 and holds 24 guns!

i was looking for about 1 year and found this...

if you have a question for me you call me at 313

thxs and good luck.....................
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I would not be afraid of any Browning safe. I have not seen Sams club safes. Remember that getting it home will likely be by professional movers as they can weigh over 600-800 pounds. So plan that expense. They should have stair climbing equiptment. No use scratching it up or hurting yourself. Also if in the home I would like to have a basement support post under it. If a crawl space maybe cement blocks. Iused to be a safe technician and moved several in my day's.
I bought a Remington fire proof several yrs. back. It was about the $1200 range. Plan for the future. I didn't. Now I need anotherone. This one is stufffffed.
Like Pounce said, plan for the future. Find the biggest one you can afford because it will become too small one day.
Like Pounce said, plan for the future. Find the biggest one you can afford because it will become too small one day.
And you'll just have to buy another one.
I recommend the Liberty Safe line. They are a great safe and offer a variety of styles and fire ratings. Every male member of my family owns at least one and many of my friends have one as well. Do some research and try to find a dealer outside of the big chain stores. That alone will save you several hundred dollars.
I second the Liberty safe recomendation. The are every bit as good as a Browning, better in most cases, and you don't have to pay extra for a name and a logo.
I have a big Prosteel that has to be 25 years old if it's a day.If I'm not mistaken or they changed recently Prosteel makes the safes for Browning. So far one attempted break in zero entry.
Hey all,

Great forum you have here. I was wondering if anyone here knows the difference in the Liberty "Freedom Security" series of gun safes as opposed the regular line of Liberty safes. Specifically I'm looking at the Freedom Security "Eagle" model vs the Libery "Franklin" model. I've read all the stats on them and I can't for the life of me tell the difference and Liberty's website is silent about the Freedom Security line. But I've confirmed it is a Liberty safe.

Any help you can pass on would be much appreciated. Thanks!
My wife bought me a Fort Knox Safe for my guns several years ago. I also keep photo albums and anything else safe. I'm just as concerned about fire as I am about theft. One of the reasons I chose Fort Knox is the hinges are blind. Have it delivered to a moving company and they can bring it out put it in your home for you. Mine is a medium sized one and it wieghs 700 lbs. emty. Good luck, Dogwalk
I have a Hall brand safe I had built in 1997. In it I had them put a file cabinet, jewelry drawer, and drawer to store media in it. (computer back up discs for my business) It will hold 28 rifles, about 12 handguns, and has shelves for ammo and acessories. This puppy weighs just under 1800 lbs empty. So if you get a heavy safe have them move it into your house. Most moving companys won't have anyhing to do with this heavy of safe and you have to get the safe company to move it. Also, when I first got this safe the house I had was a slab floor house. I now have a raised foundation wood floor house and we had to crawl under the house and add a few piers and a couple of oversized joists to keep it from going through the floor. When I first moved it into here the floor sagged under its weight nearly a 1-1/2 and damaged a wall and doorway the other side of the wall. We were remodelong the house anyway and I didnt trip it too much, but I did add floor joist structure and extra foundation piers to cure the problem this heavy pig of a safe created.
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