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Safer & more reliable SKS

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That's can make your SKS safer and more reliable with our SS SKS F Pin kit. Guaranteed to totally eliminate any chance of slam fire or unexpected and uncontrollable full auto, due to FP sticking in the forward postion. Also allows the use of "softer" primered American ammo.
Learn all about the difference in pre and post 1951 SKS's, and more, on the SKS page at our site. (link in signature below)
NEW SS SKS F Pin kit fits them ALL. (pre-'51's just require a shorter spring) Kit includes FP, spring, extra spring, installation instructions, and even a couple of pics to be sure you get it installed correctly.
Mfg'd from 420 SS and heat treated to original pre-51 Russian FP specs.
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You're more than welcome!
Thank You for the testimonial.

And if you don't mind, come back and tell us how it's working after you've gone through about 10,000 rounds. ;)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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