Safe Storage solution for a black rifle/scope

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    Folks -

    Without a safe and a new AR-15 w/scope on it's way, I'm wondering what an affordable storage evolution might be.
    I was thinking about a hard case with a locking mechanism..perhaps locking my BCG in my pistol safe to avoid an AD in the event my kids figure out how to get in to the case. Perhaps a magazine or other kind of lock?

    Also been looking at the executive safe that Harbor Freight has...

    Looking for recommendations on how to secure this weapon!

    I'd love to have a drag bag solution, but I'm thinking a hard case is a better solution for me if I can lock it...
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    This is by no means a rant on parenting and certainly not focused on you JeffCooper but I can only tell you what works for me.

    Nothing is a big deal until it's made a big deal.

    I grew up in a house that had guns that were not hidden. No, they were not left lying around, but when used, cleaned and discussed it was open and not in hushed tones. Hell, I was in middle school before I found out not every home had a gun. That's because my dad answered every question I had about them.

    I fired his M1911A1 back in 1955 when I was only 9. I went into the woods hunting with him at 11.

    That is why I like the following;

    In a society's endeavor to deal with firearms, it is much healthier to impart respect and knowledge, than to inculcate fear. - cane

    Tell a kid they can't have something and that will be the only thing they will think about. It's the human condition.

    Do your part and lock the guns you have in your house but also give your kids the gift of knowledge. It's a gift they will thank you for.

    Truth and understanding, even about evil black rifles, is far better than mystery and fear.

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    I made a cheap gun safe took my closet in my bedroom put a dead bolt on it. I can lock it and worst comes to worse I can lock my self in it. Theres only two keys the one I have and the one hidden just in case.
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    Cane, I am in ABSOLUTE agreement with you. Both my boys are (and are becoming) educated (let me know when we all stop learning?) Open and honest discussions... Want to look? touch? No problem, just ask and ONLY when Im there. My 16 y/o has an open invite to the range but so far he's declined. Jeffrey Jr is a little young according to mom, but he's been to the stores with me and so-on. We'll see how mom does over the next few months. The biggest lesson I teach is that there are NO little accidents with a gun.
  5. JeffCooper

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    Panic room type idea... Not a bad one either, especially if you were locked in with Jodie Foster. :). Thanks for your response!
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    One suggestion on your safe room is, the door should open IN so you cannot be trapped isnide by intruders. Doors can usually be rehung to do this.
  7. Sniper03

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    I agree with you! Part of the unsafe situation created is the curiosity factor. When we deprive exposure to our firearms from our children we generate this. I have raised four children and have 7 grandchildren of various ages. My kids started actually being around guns on a very frequent basis when they were four years old. That is when they started shooting 22 rifles and then as they got a little older and were handling weapons safely and knew the serious and deadly effects if not handled correctly they began to shoot other larger caliber weapons of various models at the range and hunt on their own. I was in the woods by myself as many days as possible at the age of 12. I established some rules though! Most of my weapons were never under lock and key because the curiosity was gone a long time ago. The main rule was this at anytime they wanted to see them or handle them they could do so. If a friend was at the house they would ask if they could see them also. That gave me an opportunity to introduce their friends to our world and many became shooters, hunters and sportsman. I think we need to take this very seriously about introducing our youth to the enjoyment and for sure the safety of handling and shooting weapons. Without it our future freedom to enjoy the sport and the weapons we love and cherish could be history. The old thing the if you do not know or understand how much you could or do something. When you vote it might not be of any importance to you. Anyway that is the way it has been around my home since my grandfather was the one who introduced me at a very young age.
    I am more concerned about someone breaking in and taking weapons. Because I want them available if I need them to protect my family and I. Secured is useless. I would suggest a false wall in the back of a closet to store them in and when gone from home. Easy to build and just have sliding doors on it. You can secure it but be sure the lock is not visible. Depending on what you have a good gun safe bolted down and a home alarm is good.
    I have one other great benefit here in Tennessee. I have a 1/2 mile lane and if my alarm goes off it also dials my neighbors also (2 of them) and they can also hear my alarm. They grab their guns and block the drive until the Sheriff gets here and they join the security check. Honestly! thinkin they really want some Trigger Time! :D By the way if you do alarm your place get a radio transmitter unit also in case they think they are smart by cutting the alarm lines! "Surprise!" A.H.!
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    Beyond what wisdom has already been imparted, you can get some "cheaper" safes for the time being. I used a Stack-On safe for awhile. I bought it for use in the transitional time between me moving from my parents house, into my apartment, and finally into my house. Now, I have a designated man closet (as my wife refers to it) which houses my safe, my range gear, and some odds and end "manly" things.

    Any of the items discussed are fine and dandy, but the more secure the better. Even if you can't acquire anything to secure your rifle right away, your BCG idea is making the weapon as safe as possible.
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    I let my teenagers keep their guns with them. The keys to the trigger locks stay in my pistol safe until we go to the range. They get to satisfy most of their curiosity, but I hold the ammo and the keys.