safe or locker?

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    Those have received entirely too much advertising
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    I would say get the most secure firearms safe you can afford, they are not that expensive.

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    I have known "real" professional burglars intimately over the years. Not the typical crackhead/addicts/smash & grab amateurs but those whose "work" was, in fact, admirable in a dark manner. Men and women who defeated alarm systems, planned "jobs" far ahead and rarely got caught. Obviously, the ones I knew got caught eventually or I would not have made their acquaintance. Allow me to share.

    One brought a church lady into his life, caused her to abandon her family after she met him through a prison ministry program. He led her to get a job at an insurance company where she eventually landed a job with access to "rider policies" folks purchase to cover expensive items and collections. Armed with that information, the hit high-end targets for several years with great success. The only connection was that all had the same insurance company, crimes were all over the state. Never touched guns nor carried them as he believed guns would bring down "federal heat".

    Two brothers (Dale and David) used cars provided by a fence near Ft. Leonard Wood. After gathering loot, they dropped off the car with loot in the trunk at parking lots and picked up another car to use. I took David on a ride and he pointed out how they chose victims simply by driving around looking at houses. Open garage doors in medium-income homes. Hunting/fishing/golf gear meant the people had money and probably good stuff (jewelry and cash). ATV's and Boats were also good markers. They avoided super-rich houses because of alarms, kids' stuff because those people wouldn't have much to spend on jewelry, and obviously poor folks. Got caught when one grabbed what they thought was a silver tray but turned out to be a trophy tray from a horse show with the victim's name engraved. They did hundreds of jobs. Likewise, neither touched stolen firearms nor "dope". Typical day 100 miles.

    Jack had a genius I.Q., did time in Alcatraz and Leavenworth in earlier years. Had a complete "phone company" disguise (safety helmet, I.D. clipboard, and service handset to call the target's phone). Did a lot of Doctors' homes as well as well-to-do homes during funerals. Used to call P.D., claimed to be neighbor of target, concerned there was a strange car at the home he asked cops to check the license plate. "No problem, sir, that's Doctor Whoever's car." "Thanks officer, I guess they have a new one. Have a nice day." Again, high-end stuff, never guns. Those were pros.

    If you expect to ever see your stolen guns again keep an ACCURATE list of them and a copy to hand to the investigating officer when they take the theft report. It works sometimes.
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