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Discussion in 'Gun Safes' started by Yunus, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Yunus

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    Safes I am considering:
    Superior Safe Master series
    Around $3300 after tax and delivery

    Winchester from Tractor Supply Company (Different specs than on Winchesters website, lower specs)
    $1599 + 6% tax + delivery

    The big question I have is delivery. How do you get a 900 lb safe delivered when you order from a big box store? How much can you expect to pay? I see numbers ranging from $200 - $600 but what's realistic and are there any national companies I could contact about this? I need it delivered down 10 stairs that are on the outside of my house no big corners to go around.

    I know that the Superior is a superior safe but if I can get the Winchester delivered inexpensively then I think it's the better deal.

    Any suggestions or experience in getting safes delivered from a big box store? I'm not willing to do it myself.
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    Typically when you order something large from one of the big box stores, delivery means the truck gets to our house. Sometimes you are responsible to get it off the truck, sometimes they have a lift to lower it to the ground, but I don't think they will move it into the house for you. If you use the Find a Dealer link on Superior's site, you can probably get the dealer to help move into the house and set it up.

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    Get the shipping size and weight and call some movers for estimates.
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    Rent a hard tired cart and move it your self . I just moved my BIL safe it was a 60 gun and weighed over 1200 # . No big deal unless your going up or down stairs . Just be easy with it , keep it balanced and keep people close to keep it balanced . It will move easily
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    I should have been clearer on my original post, the Superior safe was from a Safe company and installation would have included taking it down the 10 stairs that I have and taking it off the pallet. Bolting it to the floor is extra but they offer that.

    The Winchester from TSC included delivery to the driveway.

    I'll call a couple moving companies and see what they say.
  6. I would suggest calling a local lock / key / safe shop. They move and install safes as part of their business. I called the local lock shop that sells AMSEC safes and was quoted $130 to move the safe into my house and install it (bolt down to the concrete slab).

    They don't really care if it's a safe they've sold or not - moving and installing safes is part of their business.
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    Mine was put in place by some specialists recommended by the store that sold me the safe. I recognized them as off-duty bouncers from a local bar. I think it cost $200.

    The bar has toilet seats on the bar stools (NOT functional).
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    I've moved several safes weighing in at 1100 pounds,thankfully never down any stairs...I would be concerned on how strong your stair stringers are?? 900-1200 pounds is a lot of weight going down the stairs.:eek:
    I've moved safes in on slabs and walk out basements,which aren't bad at all. Once on concrete we've used steel pipe for rollers under the safe and other times just walking the safe or sliding the safe on the floor.

    All safe purchases I was in on were picked up at the loading doc of the store.