Saber or cutlass

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    Was that the gal that thought 3 inches were a foot? ;)
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    "It is worth noting many of the French cutlass were used in Haiti to cut sugar cane"

    And when the slaves finally rebelled against the brutal way they'd been treated, they used the cutlasses to lop off the heads of the slave owners :)
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  3. dango

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    The Gladius would have also liked the Greek Xiphos , the very similar version of the
    Early Roman Gladius , approximate same dimensional length , width , etc. ...
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    I own a machete for brush clearing and cutting up small branches. That's about as close to a sword as I'll get. For those rare circumstances when it's necessary to get medieval, a framing hammer or felling axe is my weapon of choice. After you're finished pretending to be someone else from a bygone era, you still have a useful tool. If it's ever lost or broken, more are available from the local hardware store for $29.95.

    As long as we're indulging our flights of fancy here, ever since I watched the "He Man" cartoons as a small child I always wanted a sword that shot lightning bolts at house cats and turned them into tigers big enough for Mr T to ride around on. Apart from zombie sharks with frickin layzurs, what could possibly be cooler than that?
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    Saved my butt when I got run off the road and jumped by 4 gang bangers. One look at that machete and they took off. I would probably still be in jail if they hadn't and that was 60 years ago when I was 17. 1st time I had to pull a weapon but not the last.
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    I'm glad you're still around Pal .....:)
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    The most discouraging thing about getting into swords is they generally cost as much and many instances way more than firearms ....!

    I got one that I could have bought seven pistols instead . I have limited both . My love of stealth runs deep as does my love of mechanisms firearms does ......!

    You can buy a battle ready quality blade for , Auh , $500 -ish....?
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    Of course the question becomes which Gladius? Noting also the Gladius was most often used in companionship with a shield and 10 or more other guys with the same weapon to back you up. It's length depending on the version is sometimes shorter than some cutlass types.

    After evalation of several saber models I think I like the British 1885 cavalry model the best.
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    I can.
    At close quarters, even shooting someone doesn't create an automatic or instant stop. A man with a Cutlass can easily take out a few people before they even draw their weapons.
    Over the millennia more modern weapons have been invented, yet none have ever eclipsed those that came before in practical use....