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I think some of it has to do with personal experience, and some from real world facts. There was a time when S.A. went through a downturn in their Q.A. that was so bad, they sent out full service pistols that did not have firing pins in them. That's kind of a hard thing to miss since it's kind of essential piece.

Are they still doing that? Of course not! They made changes and they are now trying to reclaim their market share. Are they turning out a good piece today? Yes, I believe they are. Is it the best one out there? No, I don't personally believe that to be fact.

Taurus did the same thing - their reputation was sliding hard and fast, so they spent some money on new CNC machines and some marketing to recover their names. Right now, I think they are turning out a pretty good product, but a lot of people will still tell you not to trust them.

One thing I will say is, you have to compare apples to apples. When you bought your S.A. - what was a comparably equipped Kimber selling for AT THAT SAME TIME. You can't compare what you paid for a pistol years ago with what a company charges for a similar product today.

Kimber definitely isn't blameless. They got cocky, they got a big head and they lost some market share as well. They have been working to regain it, probably for the last 6 to 8 years because the 1911 came back around into flavor again and EVERYONE was jumping on board.

But, in short response to initial statement - why do you have the Remington 700 design listed in your signature? The platform itself isn't the cheapest, nor is it the best one out there, but you believe in it and you like it. Personal Preference is everything...:cool:

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