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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by EMTchad, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Hello ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately my apponent that works at the range has disregarded our challenge like a wuss. He has no excuse and gave me a few free targets lol! Anyway, I finally made a video regarding my new sa1911 loaded parkerized. I'm getting better and better, will have a beautiful range report for u guys very soon via video! Pleas check it out below and comment if you can thank you!!!

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    I read your thread about the guy at the range who made the "unfortunate" (for him) comments regarding your Springfield.
    I say unfortunate because, as many who replied to your thread have already pointed out, those comments only served to make him look foolish.

    There are a myriad of 1911-style gun makers and a myriad more of differeing models/features/pricepoints within each of these makers. It is simply foolish of anyone to make grand & sweeping statements that "maker X" is better than "maker Y". You can, in some fashion, compare differening models against the features offered (and features you are willing to shell out more cash for) on individual guns. But even doing this does not necessarily & concretely mean that one gun is "better" than another. It all comes down to personal perception and opinion and what works best for you. At best, this is a highly subjective argument and his pushing it only serves to make him look more & more foolish.

    That said, it is likely that (after time to reflect on his words) he figured this all out and was somewhat embarrased by his remarks. Especially in light of the fact that he works for this range and you are his customer. That, alone, makes his comments especially not wise. Anyway, I would just shrug all of this off and go about your business (as I know you have) of shooting/owning your fine firearm that has performed flawlessly for you. That is the bottom-line of what it is all about!

    By the way, I watched your youtube vid and liked it!! Good info:)

    Have a good one,

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    Thank you so very much Bart, your wise words really made my hard night once again as an EMT in Los Angeles. I was busy, hot, and hectic! I came home with a grouch in me and read this. It made my night and you couldn't have sounded more intelligent and genuine. Thank you again for making my night and teaching me the right way of firearms.