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    I hear horrible things about the smith and wesson sigma 9mm. I have had mine for about 3 years and fired around 5000 rounds of all sorts of different ammo. never had a jam a misfeed or any little problem with it. my only complaint is the trigger pull is too stiff. So tell me why are so many people talking about is being a pos??
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    I haven't heard the same stuff you heard... I don't think it's a POS. There are probably better choices out there, but I wouldn't throw one out.

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    Compared to a Glock or XD, the trigger is heavy, very heavy. I have two Sigmas and have no complaints. Accurate, Reliable and inexpensive. The grips are nearly perfect (IMHO).

    There were some issues with the first Sigma 40's. This was the very first pistol chambered for the "new" S&W 40. The chamber dimensions were too tight on the first series of guns. The .40's with PAA and PAB prefix serial numbers were recalled and rebarrelled at no charge by Smith.

    I have no problem trusting my life to my Sigma 40C. It is my daily carry gun. My 9V is my fanny pack gun that is with me daily in my car.

    Now all I need is a .357 sig barrel for the 40C. Not because I am enamoured with the sig round. Just "because".