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    So I went through an NRA pistol class at our range that my wife wanted to do. It was fun, and I was hoping someone might pick up on any bad habits I had picked up. Thankfully, one of the guys spotted an issue I had with trigger control. That helped a lot.

    On to the point...

    Last day (last night) was when a bunch of the guys brought a large assortment of their handguns. Got a chance to shoot a Desert Eagle 50 AE. I still have the perfect circle in the bend of my elbow from where the shell hit me. Can't say I shot it very well.

    Finally was able to shoot a CZ 75. Yes you all are correct. It is a wonderful 9mm to shoot. It just feels so perfect in the hand.

    Shot a Ruger LCR with 38+P. Ugh... I would never buy one. I had to readjust my grip after every shot. Just way too much felt recoil.

    Shot a Ruger Blackhawk and a Ruger Vaquero, both in 45LC. Nice guns, but I had a hard time squeezing my finger back inside the trigger guard. Probably not going on my list.

    But what I was really hoping for, one of the guys found in the back of his safe and decided to bring it along... his model 29.

    It appears he hasn't had it out in a while. He said he forgot he even had it. How do you forget you own a 44 magnum? Sights were off. I was putting a nice tight group three inches left of the bullseye. It was a handful, but not as unwieldy as I was expecting. I was standing a little flat footed. Found myself rocking back on my heels a couple times, but nothing unmanageable at all.

    A model 29 or perhaps a Redhawk has gone to the top of my list.
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    The .44 Mag is a great handgun caliber. You can fire the .44 S&W Russian, .44 Special or .44 Magnum. I own a full set of early S&W Mdl. 29s. The early .44, 4 inch 29-2 is my favorite. :)

    This is a Pre 29 6.5 inch .44 Mag. 3rd Mdl HE. 5 screw, made in 1956 first year of production for the S&W .44 Magnum.:)

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