S&W Model 10-5

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by HGD1956, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. HGD1956

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    I just purchased a S&W Model 10-5 and would like to know when it was manufactured. I have the original box, oiled paper and tools that came with the pistol. I believe it is close to as new condition.

    Serial Number C 637957 square butt. Thanks
  2. Shogun

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    The C prefix was added to the Military & Police model in 1947 to designate the beginning of the 3 million to be manufactured. It became the model 10 in 1957. If I had to guess, based on dating of other weapons I have seen, I would guess yours was made in the late 1960's. However, if you call S&W they will be glad to tell you the exact year. Also, for a small fee they will send you the history on the weapon, which is exact day and shipping point. Enjoy your great weapon.