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    Has anyone had the pleasure of shooting a 10-5/8" Mod. 29 silhouette? I had one about 8 years ago before it was stolen.:( Just wanted to know how many people were familiar with this gun? It had a barrel that was 10-5/8" long and the front sight had a 4 possision dile that could be used with the different ranges. The gun shot very well and more than one deer went to the BQ pit because of it.:rolleyes: With the right load it very easily took out the ram at 200yds.
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    S&W 29 10 5/8 barrel

    Looking for a S&W cardboard box for this mod 29 with 10 5/8 barrel,if anyone knows where i could get one please leave reply.


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    Yep. I have one. It's an old IHMSA model with the four position front sight. Fun to shoot and every guy who holds it gets a big grin on his face.

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    djl4570... that looks awesome. I have the 629 with a 8-3/8" barrel. I think the older styles like ours look a helluva lot better than the full underlug styles.

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    Model 29

    I have a 83/8 " one that I bought new in the 1970's my brother in law & I each bought one after the Dirty Harry bug bit us , OH when your young & foolish" I even bought an original Dirty Harry holster for it, from a company named LAWMAN LEATHER out of Katy Texas who made the holsters for the Eastwood movies, it is a great holster & as new as the day that I bought it, the company has since gone out of business, but I understand that another company has put out the same type of holster due to the 25 annv of S & W re introducing the model 29. I had & still use my 29 for deer hunting at times and I reload for it in the magnum & special loads and yea I do carry it at times when in the woods, looking for coyotes or whatever :cool: