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S&W melonite barrel question

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Any body have any experience with using sweets 7.62 copper remover on a melonite ar barrel? If so how does it work and will it harm the melonite finish? Im still just not that familiar with the whole melonite thing and if any different processes are needed to clean it properly. Thanks in advance everyone.
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shouldnt hurt it anymore than it hurts steel.

i personally dont like that stuff as i dont believe there is any real need to remove every trace of copper out of a bore after every firing session. after 30 or 40 thousand rounds maybe it would be time for a good decoppering but as a routine cleaning thing i dont think its needed.

if your shooting bench rest with a rifle maybe but thats a special case.

im moving this over to the cleaning and maintenance subforum you might get other opinions there.
I don't remove copper fouling in my ARs more than every 1000-1500 rounds.

Sweet's works quite well, but I find the Outer's electro-chemical "Foul Out" system better. It also removes the leading in my handguns.
Thanks for the info guys. But im just curious if the melonite is more of a coating on the metal surface of the barrel or if it is somehow chemically made to seep into the metal and its pores. The only reason I wonder is because I dont want to any damage to the barrel with brushes and or any solvents like sweets. Ive read that some people belive its even just as good as chrome lining if not better, but id just like to hear what eveyone has to say..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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