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  1. locnload

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    Anyone have any comments, good or bad on the M&P 9 from Smith and Wesson?:confused:
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    I direct you to this review from Nutnfancy [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAgRihaXDh4]YouTube - S&W M&P9: "Proven Excellence" by Nutnfancy[/ame]

  3. JonM

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    that dude could talk the ear off a politician at a baby kissing contest
  4. WDB

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    The above vid gave some good information but I will say the M&P is nothing like a Glock. It fits most hands far better and the sights are far better. I have had one in 45 ACP for several years and it has been my primary CC pistol since I bought it. The first one I owned I ended up giving to my son for his carry pistol and promptly bought a second one. A few years ago I bought a M&P 9mm compact for summer carry and ended up giving it to my daughter as she liked it far better and shot better with it than the Glock 27 she had. Find a range that rents and shoot it, that is the only true way you can tell if it's the pistol for you. I trust my life with mine but if it doen't fit you well then find the pistol that does.

    You didn't mention you intended use or your expereince. Are you planning to carry, home defense or a range pistol? IMHO while easy to use the M&P is for the expereinced shooter, you can get them with a safety but like most seer fired pistols it is ready to fire the moment you charge a round. If you are new to firearm I would suggest a quality revolver, the mechanics simply make sense for someone new to pistols.

    Good luck and I hope this helps a bit, let us know what you decide to buy.
  5. Mr. Bluesky

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    Got my M&P9 Pro Series and I love it, though I hear the trigger on the stock M&P is less than excellent. Fiber optic front and black slant rear sights are excellent, at least at the range, and it fits my hand way better than the Glocks did.
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    The reviews/experiences I've heard on M&Ps (of all calibers) have been darn near 100% positive. If you like the feel, it won't let you down. Same goes for XD, FNP, and yes...even Glock. If these guns fit you, they'll perform like champs.

    I've got XDs myself, but I think the M&P line might just have the highest percentage of satisfied shooters of any of the polymers out there right now. The gun stores here sell quite a few, and I rarely see them show up for resale on the local trading boards. That tells me something.
  7. willfully armed

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    I've shot both the m&p and pro. The STD is nothing to brag about. Stock vs stock, I'd choose a glock every time.

    Now pro vs g34.......... I'd take the pro.

    The pro trigger is sweet compared to even an aftermarket trigger on the 34.

    I think the beat way to get a pro, is a faux pro. Buy the M&P long, then get a trigger in it and you've spent less than the pro.
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    Thanks for the comments guys. I have watched You Tube reviews by Nutnfancy and several others and it all helps but I put a lot more stock in the opnions of people that own them, shoot them, carry them, and bet their lives on them. I've been mostly a Glock guy for nearly 20 years and I still love my models 17, 19, 26, and 30SF. But it seems the more I try to refine my defensive pistol skills the more I search for a gun that just seems to fill the hand, get on target, and break the shot with a smooth and natural feel to it. I love the ergonomics of the M&P and I am seriously thinking about adding one to my "harem", but dependability is a must and it sounds like they are "go to war" ready guns from what I have read so far. I have heard that the trigger is a little wierd, but that you can get used to it, thats ok as long as it is consistant. By watching training videos from Gunsite, they seem to be using the M&P pistols a lot and our State Troopers have gone with them as a duty weapon in the last two years. Those guys that I talk to seem to like them as well. Thanks again for the comments, keep them coming.:cool: