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    Hey guys, so I'm gonna be going to bootcamp soon and then am going to be stationed in NC. I currently own a Beretta M9 but there's no way i'm going to lug that beast around for CC up there. My buddy is going to buy my m9 and accessories for $550. I was at the range today looking around and the M&P40 VTAC caught my eye. The sights look great, it looks awesome, and most importantly it feels great in my hands. I know lots of people recommend a glock for CC but I can't bring myself to like the ergos. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on this? I could get it for about $700 brand new, with the different sized grips and 2 mags. Thanks

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    Marine? Or Army? Either way best of luck, and listen to your NCO's, they will teach you what you need to know to survive. Since you already have an M9 of your own, why not stay with something similar? An M9A1 is 1/4" shorter, the 92FC&FSC are 1/2" shorter, and the Px4 Storm, while slightly different internals tops out at 4", and there is both a 3.2" & 3.6" models as well...