S&W M&P for $399 to qualifying customers

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by canebrake, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Email I just got from Bud's Gun Shop

    For all qualifying customers, we are now offering the Smith & Wesson M&P Semi-Auto Pistol, Model 309300 and 309301, your choice for only $399. To make the deal even sweeter, S&W is offering 2 FREE mags on every M&P purchase from now until April 30th.
    To view the $399 M&Ps, view this link.....
    Discounted Semi Auto Handguns for Sale
    The M&P has quickly become the firearm of choice for many serious law enforcement agencies. Most recently, the DEA has selected the M&P as an approved duty weapon.
    As with all discounted pricing on Gun for Sale - Discounts for Qualified Customers you will be required to provide your qualifying credentials, which include:
    * Active Military personnel - all branches
    * Retired Military personnel - all branches
    * National Guard personnel - all branches
    * Military Reserve personnel - all branches

    * Fire Fighters - including volunteers
    * Paramedics and EMTs

    * TSA Employees
    * Commercial Pilots
    * Federal Flight Deck Officers

    * Court Judges
    * District and Deputy District Attorneys

    * All sworn Law Enforcement Officers - city, county, state, and federal
    * All retired Law Enforcement Officers - city, county, state, and federal
    * All Corrections Officers
    * State Licensed Security Companies
    How to Submit your Credentials:
    Simply fax or email us a copy of your qualifying credentials. Send your fax to our toll-free number, (888) Â*529-6708. Please send your emails to fax@BudsPoliceSupply.com. Please attach a scanned image of your credentials to your email.

    For additional information on qualifying for the S&W discounts, please view this link....
    Gun for Sale - Discounts for Qualified Customers
  2. skullcrusher

    skullcrusher New Member

    Good info, but are these the recall guns? Seriously, I do not know.

    Have you been to Bud's lately? They have begun live auctions with stuff so they "...don't over sell". I saw an AR a couple of nights ago that started at 'bout $750, and with an hour left, the same rifle was at 'round $1350. :eek:

  3. WDB

    WDB New Member

    That's a good price for a new M&P and the only way you can get te extra mags if it is a new pistol, the rebate should off a $50 refund if you don't want the extra mags. That is from S&W but if Bud's is selling used and including the extra mags might it might make sense for PD trade in's.
  4. dragunovsks

    dragunovsks New Member

    A friend of mine had one but he sold it because it was too unreliable. I don't know the specifics but I know he got tired of it not chambering rounds so he got rid of it for a Taurus 24/7 1911.
  5. WDB

    WDB New Member

    Wow Dragun,
    If you can get the details I'd like to know. Trading a S&W M&P for a Taurus 24/7 is a big leap. I've put a lot of rounds through my M&P's and never had a jam or a mis fire. Any info you can get from your friend would be appreciated as my M&P's are my carry pistols and I trust them with my life.
  6. martyj

    martyj New Member

    That was a bad move

    The guy with the bad mp should of contacted S&W they have a customer service that cadilac dreams of having. They would of made it right with him one way or another.
  7. WDB

    WDB New Member

    I have much respect for Dragunovsks and expect his friend couldn't supply details concerning why he thought the M&P was too unreliable and traded it in for a Taurus 24/7. I wouldn't trade my S&W M&P 45 for two Taurus 24/7's! Even more I expect the friend never contracted S&W as they are on the top of the scale when it comes to current models and does a fair job on older models.
  8. ladyM

    ladyM New Member

    I received the same ad.. By the time I added in all the extra costs involved with mail purchases of firearms, across state lines,I figure that I would save about $25.00 from the full retail price.
    I would then ask myself all the questions asked here on this forum.
    To make a long story short----I threw the ad in file 13 !
  9. maksim

    maksim New Member

    thats a great price for a great price
  10. badarmybrad

    badarmybrad New Member

    M&P for a Taurus

    WOW, most of the local depts here including mine have switched to the M&P or waiting for budget crisis to end so they can! Ive had mine for 2 years now and love my Colt 1911 but seriously there is NO taurus out there that can compare to a Smith! The 399$ wasnt that great of a deal I bought mine for 450$ with a 50$ rebate and 2 free mags from my local gun store in March of 2008.
  11. zhuk

    zhuk New Member

    So it goes for $419 not discounted? Whoa. Beats about 1300 bucks which is what we would have to pay doesn't it...

    I guess it kinda helps if you have a native manufacturing industry to start with :rolleyes:
  12. kdog

    kdog Member

    Just to put some tears in all your eyes.

    Just a few weeks ago, Frankonia (all CZ75 Pre "B" Owners should now that name) here in germany didn`t get the contract as general importer for Smith and Wesson firearms.

    So Frankonia descided to run a sell off, of almost all S&W pistols and revolvers.
    The prices went over 80% under market prive and the M&P had been sold for a price between 80,- Euro and 130,- Euro.

    Here two links to what they have left on stock for reduced prices:
    Pistolen von S&W - Smith&Wesson reduziert - Waffen - Jagd - Frankonia.de

    Revolver von S&W - Smith&Wesson reduziert - Waffen - Jagd - Frankonia.de

    All the other products are sold out.

    Unfortunately I saw the offers to late and wasn`t able to grab anything I liked and that was in my budget.......