S&W M&P 9mm mag problems

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    I folks a buddy recentley purchased a s&w m&p 9mm. It came with 2 mags both of which when he gets down to 4 or 5 rounds left the follower in the mag is hanging up in the notch for the mag lock. This in turns halts everything and has the ftf issue. He took it back to the dealer and they said it looked as if the follower had neen melted, i did find a burr on both of them that was catching but not really melted. He has run about 800 rounds through it in about 3 weeks time. Both him and his boy love it. They r both left handed so when he got it i changed the mag release to the left hand side. Is this a common problem, or by switching sides with the release cause this. I know they say the release can be changed its part of the modular system built into the gun. Any info would be great.

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    Avoid mag problems; keep them cleaned and well lubricated, and each one will work just fine. After a day on the range drop your mags into an oil bath, let sit for a moment, take a pusher and push the float to the bottom and release about 25 times. Then load them up and shoot them out.