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    A brother sent me this link to console me a little as I had seller remorse after selling my Kimber so my son could enjoy his week leave. I do enjoy the M&P 45, it's my carry pistol and had to buy a second one because my son claimed the first one I bought. My son and I shoot often when he's home, when he was home from his 2nd deployment he shot my M&P 45 and said "this is my favorite", before he left for his 3rd deployment I told him he could have it and he asked me to hold on to it until he's home for good. He's now on his 4th tour in the same sand and I bought a second M&P 45 so when he comes home we each have one. I told him that he could have the new one as I continue to carry the older one. He said "nope, I want the one you carry not the one in the box".

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiMZfYkK3Qs]YouTube - 2007 Handgun of the Year[/ame]
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