S&W M&P 15-22 w Comp. Weak Moment!

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  1. Sniper03

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    Well after all this time and talking with a lot of you here on the FTF and shooting my friends rifle. I finaly broke down and bought one today. Found a great deal "I thought" on GB.com. Also ordered a bunch of 22s today from Midway USA! Lord knows when I will get them. But got tired of looking around for them and figured I would be better just ordering and waiting. Here is the rifle I purchased today. Should get it maybe by next weekend?:)


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  2. lucznik

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    I got the same rifle for my birthday last month. Spent this afternoon with my friend and a couple of his kids looking for some bunnies to turn into stew tomorrow. It should be delicious.

  3. therukh

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    Good choice! I like mine and have been impressed with its accuracy & reliability so far.
  4. BRL

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    Nice rifle 03, I think the S&W M&P 15-22 magazines are the easiest to reload and that's what I've got for use with my CMMG .22LR upper.

    Just had to use an adaptor for use in my 5.56 lower that also allows the .22LR bolt to remain open even after the mag. is removed. :cool:


    That rabbit stew idea sounds great lucznik...where ya live! :D



  5. davem

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    This is my m&p 15/22. Love it, it's a blast to shoot.
  6. JonM

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    your going to love it.

    the mags are definately the best ones anyone has ever come up with for any 22lr pistol or rifle.

    the only negative with these is they can flex pretty bad if you put a lot of pressure on the handguards. you dont want to cinch up tight like a regular ar15.

    i did toss the sights for magpul mbus on mine

    ive got over 5k through mine without stoppage other than duds.

    your going to like how clean it runs for a 22lr
  7. MOshooter

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    Looks like a fun shooter,congrats Sniper03. When you get a chance let us know how she shoots.
  8. Ibmikey

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    The 15-22 is really the most fun you can have and still be legal :)
    I have an MOE version, gave one like yours to my good buddy for Christmas and considering another for "just in case". The 10 round short mags are my favorite but have been hard to get, fortunately I have a bunch. The 25 round with Red Eye Custom buttons are a snap to load. Mine has a CMC trigger but the issue one was just fine also. Happy M&P shooting
  9. FishinLuke

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    I love mine, I have about 2,000 rounds through it and it has only had about 5-7 FTF's, which were bum rounds, as they wouldn't fire when re-striked either. I have about 6 S&W mags for it and 3 ProMag 32 rounders. The ProMags are great mags as well, they feel and look like the same quality as the S&W's.

    One thing to be sure of is to load the .22's one by one allowing the follower to hold them up as you go, just use your finger to take the tension off the round to get the next one in. Don't try and pull the follower all the way to the bottom and drop the .22's in, they won't line up right and you will have trouble feeding.

    I had heard but have not confirmed that ProMag makes the S&W mags for S&W. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
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