S&W Issues Recall for Walther PPK/PPKs Models

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    This is dated today 2/20/09


    Smith & Wesson has identified a condition that may exist in certain PPK and PPK/S pistols which may permit a round to be discharged without the trigger being pulled. When the manual safety is disengaged, Smith & Wesson’s Product Engineering Group has determined that the possibility exists in certain firearms that lowering the hammer may cause a chambered round to fire.

    This recall applies to all Walther PPK and PPK/S pistols manufactured by Smith & Wesson from March 21, 2002, until February 3, 2009. The Serial Numbers of the pistol subject to this recall are as follows:

    BAB 0010-BAB 9999
    BAC 0000-BAC 9999
    BAD 0000-BAD 9999
    LTD 0000-LTD 0499
    PPK 0001-PPK 1500
    BAE 0000-BAE 9999
    BAF 0000-BAF 9999
    WLE 0001-WLE 0459
    BAH 0000-BAH 9999
    BAJ 0000-BAJ 9999
    BAK 0000-BAK 9999
    REP 0026-REP 0219
    BAL 0000-BAL 5313
    BAM 0000-BAM 1320