S&W Front Sight Taper Pin Improper Installation *Caution!

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Sniper03, Jun 11, 2011.

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    Information to all!

    In their infinite wisdom :rolleyes: S&W has decided that the specified Mil-Spec traditional method which has been in effect for decades regarding the installation of Front Sight Taper Pins on their AR Rifles is no longer the way it should be done. I contacted one of their people that I have known and been friends with for years to advise him of this incorrect installation when we ran into it at an armorer school out west. He advised thanks for the information and he would follow up on it. He was not aware of this. Only to find that he was advised that is the way they had built their fixtures and they were not going to change it!!!! Oh well what do you expect!
    So if you as some have contacted me asking why they were having difficulty with stuck taper pins. They were not! They were simply installed incorrectly at S&W. Always in history the Front Sight Taper Pins have been installed Right to Left and disassembled Left to Right.
    So now you know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey use to state!

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    Good catch, Sniper, incredible that S&W did this. They're lucky most people never remove the FSB as there would be a lot more unhappy customers. A while back I remember reading a post where someone was banging away trying to remove a S&W sight base with no luck. No wonder!

    Guess it's always wise when removing taper pins to make sure which side is larger.