S&W Extreme Operator Knife

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by GatorDude, May 15, 2009.

  1. GatorDude

    GatorDude New Member

    I got a Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Folding Knife a couple of weeks ago. It looks pretty cool and it's pretty sharp. But, I don't know if it's really tough enough for an "Operator."

    Here's my take on it though--

    Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Folding Knife (Model CK6CH)

    Anybody use one of these?
  2. warrioroftheland

    warrioroftheland New Member

    i have a S&W Extreme OPS for my EDC blade


    i found that ( my ) S&W olds an edge pretty well. its a bit on the heavy side so i'm look to turn this one into a part of my stock pile of knifes and get something new and better. i cant complain much since i only paid 20 bucks for it NIB

    ( sorry for blury pic taken with cell phone )