S&W cal.32 revovler custom made

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  1. vito

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    Im from Iceland.
    My wifes grandpa lived in usa in early 19s century. He was gunsmith and had many good friends there. One of his friend was on of S&W boss.
    The hunters and gunmans here in Iceland told me that his friend (S&W boss) made 2 revovlers for his best friends, my wifes grandpa was other of them.

    The grandpa died 1988, and i got his custom made S&W.

    I dont have licence for it here in Iceland, so i need some advice from you.

    Do you think this gun is high value in price?
    Im ready to sell it, how can i contact some buyers?

    Its very beautyfull gun whith whood shaft, and have been litle use.

    Many thanks
    Vito from Iceland
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    First it would help if you could post some pictures of the revolver from a few different angles. This will help members here in identifying exactly what it is you have inherited from your wife’s grandfather. Then depending on the condition and what custom features it has you can determine a value for the piece. As far as contacting potential buyers, there are a few gun related auction sites that could assist you with that as well.