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    I have been a member on here for a while now, but I never post anything. I conceal carry daily, and I have recently got interested in revolvers. I have always carried pocket pistols through compact size auto pistols. I have been eye balling a smith 642. I noticed smith and wesson has several models of snubby 38s. I'm curious as to which model has the better trigger. I recently handled my buddy's older taurus 38 with an exposed hammer. The trigger was really light and smooth in double action. I'd rather have a smith, but several posts suggest some smiths have a heavy trigger. I prefer to have a dao pistol. Any suggestions?
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    The J-Framed Smiths have coil springs, which give them a fairly light pull. However, the K-Framed or L-Framed guns have always seemed to have better DA pulls, with their flat mainsprings. In my opinion, the DA trigger pull of a Smith & Wesson revolver has always been superior to anything else on the market. Not only is the pull smoother, but there is not that "hitch" others have just before let-off.

    My opinion only.

    Bob Wright

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    Welcome to the Forum! Might I suggest that you post a "hello" in our "Introductions" area?

    I agree that the S&W has a good D/A pull. And it smooths out even more as it gets used.

    But don't loosen tension on springs. That will lead to mis-fires.
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    bob don't get off target ,Concealed carry gun.

    awganr If your buddies taurus was an older one you may not find many better da trigger pulls. They wear in with time and rounds fired to be come very nice. I carried one for 20 years. Look for an older J frame, they can be just as dependable and more than likely smoother than a new one. Maybe some of the s&w guys can now tell you what years to look for that are +P rated.
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    My concealed carry gun is a .44 Special Ruger Blackhawk. Prior to that I carried a Smith Model 586 then a Smith Model 19. Here is a photo, without my vest for the summer time use:


    This for everday carry. On Sundays, I dress up.

    Bob Wright
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    Smith and Wesson has one of the truly best DA triggers on the market. What these guys have already said is spot on.
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    On the snubbies, one of the best triggers is the Ruger LCR. The K frame Smiths had fantastic triggers. The J frames are not bad but not up to the K and bigger frames. They can be tuned.