S&W 686 .357 vs Ruger P90 .45

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Mack Bolan, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Mack Bolan

    Mack Bolan New Member

    here's my 1st crack at it with a .45 at 30' and another with the .357 at 30' also which i did get to shoot for the first time last week but this time my friend brought some hotter loaded rounds. the 357 has a leupold pistol scope on it too...
    rugerP90.45_30ft 2-11-2010.jpg
    ruger P90 .45
    S&W686.357mag_30ft 2-11-2010.jpg
    S&W 686.357
    i'm sure now I need to shoot at one of those shooting problem targets.....and i'm still getting acquainted with acquiring targets thru open pistol sights and being near sighted. But I love reading posts here on different shooting suggestions and then getting to go back out to the range to apply them where needed.

    a 9mm and a 1911 are two more I definitely want to try out next:cool:
  2. skullcrusher

    skullcrusher New Member

    Practice, practice, practice. With more range time, you will see those groupings start to get tighter and tighter. :D

    Correction Target

    That is for right hand shooters. Flip on the vertical axis for lefty. :)

  3. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Everyone starts somewhere. Keep up the practice and keep an open mind. Like anything else, practice is the key.
  4. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member

    You're on paper!! Good job!
  5. spittinfire

    spittinfire Active Member Supporter

    Looks like dead bad guys to me. Give it some time and some practice like you've stated and you'll see them tighten up.
  6. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    You don't actually shoot the hit analysis targets, you just use them to evaluate your problem.

    My evaluation would be a hit analysis target won't be much use to you. Looks like your issue is just because you're a new shooter using different guns.

    The thing you need to do is find a gun that feels "right" when you hold it and once that decision is made, come back and we can get you started on becoming a 10 ring shooter!
  7. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    Looks fine to me, not much analysis really required. You put the hurtin' on the target!

    I might recommend that you start at seven yards instead of the ten and go progressively further out as your skills improve. :)
  8. MotorG20

    MotorG20 New Member

    I've been shooting handguns for a number of years and am a pretty good shot sitting with my hand rested. But boy oh boy, when I first started shooting standing up, after getting used to rested shooting, my hands were shaking unreal. I've been practicing standing a lot more this past year and am getting much better. I've also found that working my hands with one of those spring hand squeezers (I don't know the official name) has really strengthend my hands and gives me a steadier hold.
    I also agree, find a gun that fits your hand well, and practice, practice, practice :D Is there anything funner??? Well, I think I know the answer I'll get to that question:eek:.

  9. skullcrusher

    skullcrusher New Member

    Mack, I wanted to add a huge "great job" of posting HONEST and REAL target pics in your range report. *mad respect*

    That is what this thread is supposed to be used for. Honesty gets you a long way with the members here at FTF. Lots of times when you look at "other" place's target pics, you see nothing but a holed out bull. Not real nor honest.

    Other members who want to post here should take that into account here on FTF. No one will berate you for an honest report and many can sniff out a BS report. Nobody should feel embarassed to post their report here. You will get farther here and gain more respect among members with an honest range report than some uber-sniper report. :)
  10. Mack Bolan

    Mack Bolan New Member

    first off, thanks to all for the encouragement and advice. I will keep at it gentlemen.

    though i did all ready make a few enlarged 11x17 copies of that correction bullseye, you've at least saved me the embarrassment of sending one 25' down range...:)

    interesting point too, Skullcrusher, as that phenomena of dishonesty seems to permeate all sports, and especially when discussed on the web, but why people waste their time doing that is beyond me.
    I've read through quite a bit on this forum and have never felt like the honest feedback here was berating (sarcasm and a lil fun aside) either, just plain honest.

    one enginerd thought in my head was to tape a laser sight to a 5lb dumbell and practice holding it steady on the wall;)
  11. Lindenwood

    Lindenwood New Member

    Try some Dry-Fire practice! That will allow you to work on stability and trigger control** without having to worry about recoil or the pressure blast.

    I went from shooting in "feet" at 25 yards to 4" at 25 yards after a few months of dry fire practice a few minutes per day. What I did was put the front sight on a small target (so that it is easy to tell if you are getting off target)--I used a 1" diameter flashlight on a dresser about 5 yards down the hall (simulates a 10" target at 50 yards, and the front blade perfectly covers the light). Then, hold the front sight on the target and keep the pistol aligned with the target all the way through the hammer drop (or striker hit, heh). You will see how the gun moves as you pull the trigger, and will much more easily be able to determine what the gun is doing as it won't be moving on its own with recoil.

    **Trigger control is easily the most important part of pistol marksmanship!
  12. Mack Bolan

    Mack Bolan New Member

    good idea, thanks for the extra tips...:cool:
  13. utf59

    utf59 Member

    To add to the challenge, balance a coin or a spent casing on top of the barrel and try to drop the hammer without disturbing the coin/casing.

    Obviously, if you use the casing, you can't use the sights, so you'll have to do that separately. And if you use the coin on a gun with a flat top (like a Glock), it won't be challenging at all.