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  1. shooter-55

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    I just traded for a very nice S&W 66-1 2 1/2" barrel that I plan on carrying. Can you give me insight as to which holster works best and which one to stay away from due to printing badly. Please specify maker if possible. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Nice gun. I shot a friends' Mod.66 snubby years back and was amazed at the accuracy. I have a 4" Stainless .357 that I only carry in the colder months because of the size and weight. I use an uncle Mike's Shoulder rig since there is no way I can prevent imprinting on a medium frame revolver in the summer. I like Uncle Mike's nylon holsters (hip and shoulder) because they are extremely light, not bulky, and nylon doesn't wear down bluing like leather does. They are cheap too!:D

  3. Bob Wright

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    I carry a Smith Model 19 in this Don Hume holster:


    It carries well, and lacks that safety strap. Been my favorite for awhile, now.
    I believe its the Model 171OT

    And, on my hip in this photo:


    Bob Wright
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    +1 on Don Hume, easy to wear, last forever and only gets better the more you use it.