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    Hi folks,

    I am rather new to the revolver world, most of my handguns have been autos.

    I picked up a really nice S&W model 65-2, SS .357 revolver, in a pawn shop. The serial number indicates it was made in 1982. This revolver has a screw adjustment for the mainspring, located near the bottom of the front strap. You can adjust the trigger pull from "blow on it" to two hand trigger pull.

    Is this a standard feature for this gun?

    Also, some former owner buggered up some of the action screws that I would like to replace (with the proper screwdriver), and I have not located a source. I tried Numerich and Bob's, with no luck.

    This gun really kind of hacked me off. The first time I shot it, I shot it better than the 1911 pistol I have carried and shot for years. I believe this revolver has a homing divice of some sort for the bullets.;)

    Any help is appreciated.
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    What's the barrel length? Bet it isn't a snubby!

    ALL my guns shoot better than me, my M19-3 shoots 10X better than me!

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    That is NOT an adjustment screw. It maintains tension on the hammer spring. Backing it out DOES lighten trigger pull. It ALSO lightens the force with which the hammer falls- all the way to "too light to fire the primer".

    Screw that puppy back down!

    The trigger pull CAN be improved- by stoning the mating parts for a smoother movement. It does NOT involve removing metal from parts, it is BURNISHING parts- and not a good home gunsmithing project for a novice- it is far too easy to change angles on parts, rendering the gun unsafe. And do not let a Dremel in the same room with your revolver.

    The model 65 was the standard sidearm for my department, and is a VERY good handgun- exceeded only by the Model 66. For screws, you might try customer service at S&W- 1-800-331-0852 (USA).

    Most are more accurate than the average shooter- and action improves as the gun is shot- parts wearing in. Really good revolvers- good choice!
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    The strain screw is to be screwed ALL THE WAY IN. It is factory set to give 3.75 # of mainspring tension. That is the level required to reliably touch off Magnum primers.

    BTW the M-65 is my favorite K-frame.
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    EXCELLENT gun! Midway USA carries some of the screws for the 65 and they will special order, Brownells will too. Check them here:
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