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    I went to a local gun show Saturday looking for a mid range 1911 and found none that I was willing to purchase. While disappointed I came across a NIB S&W 642 Centennial airweight. It is another pistol that has been on my need list for several years (light weight 38spl snub nose for summer carry). I had narowed it down to an Airweight or the Ruger LCR. I picked it up for $425 and pretty happy with the deal.

    I took it to the range Sunday, not much of a range report but at 15 feet I was able to put all five in center mass 3" group, single hand quick fire on a consistant basis using ball, gold dot HP and +p ammo. IMHO this is what the pistol is intended for, close distance, save my azz if in a bad situaltion. A little bit of a snap but managable and expected with a 1 7/8" barrel and 15 oz weight.

    I've already ordered up a IWB and pocket holster (Don Hume). I'm left handed and Don always seems to have quality holsters for us lefty's. I also ordered some five shot speed loader strips. I think I may trade out the grips to get a little more hand on grip (I have big mits).

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    That'll do the job. :cool:

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    Nice gun! I have one also and have hogue grips on it, I like those. I also find this little gun is nice for IWB carry and is easy to carry all day. Congrats on your purchase. :)
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    Nice choice Will as these little belly guns will do the job they're intended for quite well. No, they are not bullseye guns, they are "get off me jerk" guns...
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    Indeed. Congrats Will, very nice choice there. ;)

    Dave, I could have some fun with that quote...but naah! :eek: :D