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For most of us, enjoying a .500 requires handloading. I load for mine on my Dillon 550. Handloading takes care of two major issues: cost and recoil. Loading the least expensive bullets, cast, helps to save money, and loading them down saves the wrists and elbows from the effects of punishing recoil. I have three: a 4” which now wears a solid comp; a 5” John Ross Special, which doesn’t have a comp; and a 6 ½” PC Hunter, which currently has the comp sleeved to kill it. As you may guess, I am not a big fan of comps on the big guns. I prefer to allow them to roll. It also keeps unburned powder out of my hair and smoke off the objective of my scope on the PC Hunter.

While the .500s aren’t for everyone, they can be fun for someone who is well versed in handling heavy recoil. I also find it helps to wear padded bicycle gloves. They really take the sting out of the recoil for me.

(I can't post any photos until I get home tonight.)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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