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    My Smith & Wesson .44 mag model 29 has unfluted solid cylinder and 4 position front site. 25/50/75/100 yards. I bought this gun to take with me on my Canadian hunt for Elk in 1988. The area I hunted in BC has lots of big grizzlies and I wanted to do some river trout fishing also. But, under Canadian rules, I was not allowed to bring it into their country. I have only tested fired it, but never see anything about this model in magazines and price books since it came out in Shooters magazine 1987.

    Got some great stories about that hunt!!
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    It's a Lew Horton Special, The Classic Hunter.
    • Model 29-3
    • 6 shot non-fluted cylinder
    • 6" full-lug barrel with 4-position front sight, white outline rear
    • Hogue rubber combat grips
    • N target frame w/square butt
    • Product code 101230
    • 5,000 manufactured in 1987
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