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    i have a( s/w 357 27-5) i was looking for lazer grips at w.a.c. gun show the vendor wanted me to bring it in to see it he said it was a november frame ( BFN ) but if i was'nt selling it he did'nt want to tell me why he was so interested he wanted to know if i had original gripes (yes) and box and owners manual (no) dose any one know any thing about my s/w
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    Hi Mac! Welcome to the forum- when you get a minute, drop by the intro thread and say hello.

    About your revolver- S&W made guns in different lettered frame sizes. Higher letter, Bigger frame. A little Chief's Special 5 shot snubby is a J frame. The standard Model 10 or Model 64, 65, 66 is a K frame. Yours is an N frame- big boy. Started making those in 1935 when the .357 first came out. SOME are "registered magnums" with a registry number marked on the gun- runs the price WAY up.

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    The Model 27 was the Rolls Royce of the early S&W 357s. An early model in good shape with no mars and good high gloss bluing with box and original grips is worth a bit of money. He was probably going to try and talk you out of it for a song. Honestly, if someone came to me to inquire about putting laser grips on a vintage S&W I would try and cheat him out of it as well. :p
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    He said a 27-5 or 5th change. Once you get above -2 the price goes way down. A 27 no dash 3.5 is a sought after Mdl.:)
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    -5 = 5th engineering change = made between 1989 and 1992(goes for this model only, varies among others). Nothing vintage about a gun made ten years after S&W stopping pinning barrels and recessing the cylinders(-3 model, 1982)