S&W 351PD or 317?

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  1. 351PD .22 magnum snub

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  2. 317 .22LR snub

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  3. something different

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  1. ninjatoth

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    Any thoughts on these revolvers?As I stated in another post,I am looking into the S&W 317,to but if I could find a 351 for close the same price,I might go for that instead.My thought is that the 351 is .22 magnum,and might have less ammo choices than the 317 in .22LR.I like the .22LR ammo out there from,from 20 grain cb caps to 60 grain aquilla ammo,and of course the bulk packs of regular .22LR ammo is a great savings.What about for .22 magnum?I have never purchased .22 magnum ammo,so I don't know if it's a whole lot worse in price than .22LR,and I don't know what all the options are in magnum loads.And is a .22 magnum and a .22LR that much different ballistically out of snub nose revolvers.If I go with the 317 I will be shooting for pennies,but with no actual purpose,as where if the .22 magnum 351 actually has an advantage ballistically,I might use it for defense as well.The 351 has an awesome blued finish with wood grips,but the 317 looks ordinary.What gun would you get-remember,I don't NEED a defense gun,either way I go it will be a plinker.

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