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    I have been passed down a Smith and Wesson revolver 32 wcf ctg.
    Does anybody have any expierience with this gun?
    I don't know if it will be worth the trouble for me to keep the gun. I don't know if the ammo is readily available, and I would have to register it which might be a problem since I am guessing this gun never was. The gun was definately well used, however it appears to be in fine working condition it could probably use a re-blueing. If any of you have any expierience with this gun please share.

    Thank You.
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    Sounds like a Hand Ejector model in 32-20 Winchester. Depending on when it's made, you may want to use low pressure loads--some companies load "cowboy" loads in 32-20 which may be fine. Otherwise this was/is a fine revolver--actually would be called a classic by a number of people.

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    Thank You for the input.
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    The .32 Winchester Central Fire cartridge, commonly called .32-20 because of a 20 grain charge of black powder, was initially produced in the Model 1873 Winchester rifle. However Colt, S & W, and others soon chambered pistols for the cartridge. You can still buy ammunition for it.

    I had one about 40 years ago but traded it for a Marlin Golden 39A Mountie which I still have.

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    Might I suggest you do not re-blue the gun as it will certainly devalue the gun (unless it's already a piece of toast).

    If I were you:

    First, decide if it's got "family value" to you. If it does, just keep some oil on the gun's surfaces and keep it safe until/unless you decide to fork over cash foe 32-20 factory ammo and take it to the range (you can also reload for the gun)...if you keep it like it is it will make a nice hand-me-down to your kids etc.

    Second, If you do not wish to keep the gun, then, I'd check out S&W Forum (link below) and post your questions about the gun. Be sure to post some clear pics, with s/n (123xx) and ask the members to help you with a market value/retail value. I'd "balance" this information with a search on Gun Broker and Guns America (or other gun auction sites - links provided) and see what guns like your brings on the open market.

    Link to S&W Forum 1896-1961:
    S&W Hand Ejectors: 1896 to 1961

    Link to S&W Forum Classifieds (you may want to search "32-20" here and see what they sell/sold for):
    S&W Forum

    A couple Gun Auction Sites:
    Guns - Online Gun Auction - Guns at GunBroker.com

    GunsAmerica - Guns - Guns For Sale Classifieds & Auctions B"H - Guns For Sale & Gun Auctions B"H

    Third, you can establish what you think is a market price on your gun and list it where you expect to have the most interest. The S&W Forum, mentioned above has a classifieds area (link provided). Many other gun forums have classifieds too and you can try them as well...it depends on your "need" for cash. If you are in a hurry, drop the price 15-20% below your perceived market value and price it there...if you have time, then hang on the gun's market value and let it ride at that price...you can always drop the price a bit if it's not moving.

    Good luck!!

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    I missed this when you posted it, thank you for the advice. I've decided to take the gun and will be picking it up this week. I'll play with it and will probably keep it for range trips. I doubt that I'd be able to get alot of money for it, even though there it isn't much sentimental value with this gun, it is still a family gun and worth more to me than the few hundred it might command. Also, I appreciate the advice on the re-bluing. That was going to be my first move, based on different advice. I'll have to investigate a little more.

    Thanks Again