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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by prolight, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. prolight

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    I went to Walmart today here in Austell GA and I actually saw RWS branded ammo in 9mm. It was 50rds for $16.97 - quite expensive. Any reviews on this ammo? Is it supposedly to be high grade ammo?
  2. J T Patriot

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    I saw the same ammo for the very first time at my wally world in N Texas. FMJ for 13.97. I dont know the ammo, but its the only box on the shelf that wasnt Win., Rem., or Fed. .

  3. spittinfire

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    It showed up in a local walmart a week or so ago. I don't have a 9mm anymore but if I did I wouldn't be paying $17 a box when I can get federal for $9. It's 124gr but who cares for plinking.
  4. CA357

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    RWS is a German outfit and it looks like pretty high end ammunition. They manufacture it in limited calibers. Fiocchi is distributing it in the States.

    Link: RWS - RWS Munition - Die Marke RWS
  5. res45

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    My local Walmart is carrying the RUAG 9mm which is Swiss made it come in Orange and black boxes 50 rds. for about $17 it's also magnetic.
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  6. Gatekeeper

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    Never seen it other than match .22.
    Alot of guts around here like RWS-50 for indoor .22 benchrest.
    It is a bit pricey, but not as much as eley tenex, or lapua midas.
    Tried it, my .22's dont like it
  7. dlidster

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    RWS 9mm is Good Stuff

    At my local Walmart I'm able to purchase RWS 9mm for $12.97 a box. Just this past week I did some rather extensive ammunition testing in my Beretta 92 FS and my CZ 75 B. I tested Fiocchi, Remington, Winchester (WB), and RWS.

    Neither gun likes Remington. It's not particularly accurate and I had a feed failure in the CZ -- something I don't expect in this gun.

    Both pistols like Fiocchi. If I could buy it locally and at a good price, I'd buy it again. But I can't get it locally.

    The CZ likes the WWB best, with the RWS running a close second. The Beretta loves the RWS and gave me the best comparative groups of the two days of testing.

    The WWB is a 115 gr bullet. The RWS is 124 gr at about the same velocity as the WWB 115 gr. At less than 1 cent a cartridge more for the RWS, I'm going to standardize on this for 9 mm as long as I can get it.

    All my life I've regarded RWS as premium ammunition. I assume RWS is in business to make a profit. We all know that Walmart is. How high-quality ammunition can be made in Switzerland, shipped to the USA, and sold profitably for $12.97 is beyond me.
  8. billdeserthills

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    I am sure that with Wal-Marts buying power, most anything is possible. I'm an FFL, much of the stuff sold at Wal-Mart is either at or below my cost, in fact when I first started out in the gun business I sent customers who wanted stuff I didn't stock over to Wal-Mart.:eek:
  9. willfully armed

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    keep in mind- Walmart has demands that are met by their suppliers.

    Buy a box of WWB at you FFL, and one at WM. The catalog/model # on the Walmart box starts with WM.

    Suppliers typically have to cut corners to meet WM's buying prices. Therefore, WWB from WM is not the same WWB from Joe bobs beer and gun mart.