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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by old fart, Mar 4, 2010.

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    i am having a problem with rust on my handguns and longuns, i keep them in a safe in my bedroom closet. i take them out once a month to clean and reoil, i took them out this morning and a few have rust on them. i have 8 long guns and 2 have rust on the sights, trigger, and side, the rust is speckled on them not bad and it did come off mostly but i can still see a little more. i have 3 handguns and one of them has a rusty ejector, and recoil spring. i did notice that its the guns i have yet to shoot that have rusted but i take them all out about once a month to reoil. i use barricade, and rem oil are they good oils? i keep a humidity gauge in my closet, it stays around 50-60% is that high? do i need to change oil or get a dehumidifier?, thanks for any help.
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    You definitely need to get a dehumidifier for INSIDE the safe. The best 1 I've seen is the goldenrod. Also I get all my guns out of the safe and wipe down on a weekly basis. To get light rust off use a 0000 steel wool saturated with your favorite oil and rub it until the rust disappears. Afterwards oil them down.

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    Is there any foam insulation in your gun safe? If so, that could be the cause of the moisture retention in there contributing to the rust.. I keep desicant bags in all of my gun safes.
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    Thankfully it's been a number of years ago but for 14 years when we first moved onto our property here in S.W. Oregon we lived in a 17 foot travel trailer and an add on shed, I stored my Ruger 30-06 and a .50 cal black powder T-C beautiful kit made browned barreled rifle in the only closet we had. One day I pulled them out for inspection and about had a heart attack, both were covered with a fine surface rust but thankfully they cleaned up and since we were not in the best situation financially I sold the Ruger and got a very good price for it. As for the black powder rifle, I oiled it up and put it in a rifle case and stored in a warmer drier place. Any closet on an outer wall that doesn't get warm air circulated in it will cause the cool metals of guns to condense moisture in the air on them. Many of my weapons are now stainless steel because of this experiance, those that aren't I inspect frequently and try to store in the dryest areas I can find and if I had a safe I certainly would use a dehumidifier as stalkingbear mentioned.
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    I have a golden rod in my safe. I have went hoggin and came home stuffed my dirty filthy rifle back in the safe and forgotten about it for weeks came back and nothing not even a spec of rust on it. This was in the heat of the summer and it had sweat and finger prints all over it.
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    I use a Golden Rod and also put all my guns in gunsocks after I clean and oil them. Never had a rust problem since.
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    Look for the "closet dehumidifiers" at Walmart. ABout $2 each, I keep at least 3 in each safe.
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    Silicone gun socks work great. Sorry about your problem and good luck.