Rusty .22 Marlin need help cleaning

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    Hello I have a .22 Marlin Golden 39-A Lever Action. This rifle has survived a lot. It’s been in an apartment fire were only a hand full of items even made it out. This gun was my first and it’s noting special but I would like to restore it to a point. The gun was in a cheap fabric case in between a mattress and box spring. During the fire the metal started heating up that cause the wood to warp and change color. Wherever the metal touched the wood it turn black but it looks like it kept the finish. I love the look of the gun and its still working great. The rifle sat in water for two months. But there is no rust in the barrel only everywhere else. But its just surface rust there is hardly pitting. I was wondering how to I go about cleaning off the rust and stop it from coming back. You can see all the pictures of the Rifle on my profile .

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    I posted a reply on your other thread.

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