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    What is the best way to get ride of rust? I dont mean deep rust just alittle more than can be removed with a rag and oil. I live down here in Florida and the humidity does a number on blued barrels, I try and wipe them down as soon as I get back indoors but still have a little that I cant seem to get ride of. Watched a video that used an onion and steel wool, I was kinda sceptical of this method, has anyone done this????
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    Find a product called KROIL. It is the God of penetrating oils. Amazing how much you can clean with a soaked-in coat of Kroil, and coarse CLEAN cloth. Personally I avoid steel wool (abrasive, AND specks of it can rust). For a couple of bucks, get a COPPER Chore Boy pot scrubber. wet gun with Kroil, LIGHT pressure with scrubber, follow with clean cloth.

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    I'd recommend you use a good synthetic like break free and 0000 steel wool. It'll remove minor rust unless it's deeper than the bluing. Naturally you'll have to remove the steel wool particles after you get done.
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    Don't use a chemical rust remover.
    Lemon juice, vinegar, CLR, etc... will also remove the bluing.

    When you get back from the range, let the firearms "climatize" in your air conditioned area for a couple of days, then clean and oil.
    Don't leave them in sealed gun rugs or cases until they climatize.
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    McMaster-Carr has dessicant in packets that can be used in plastic gun cases (or save the little packs from other purchases).
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    Surface Care

    I agree with STALKINGBEAR. Use a good quality gun oil, scrub the rusty spot with 4/0 steel wool and the gun oil. After you're done, wipe down your gun with a clean rug. Don't remove all oil, just wipe off the excess. We in the South have trouble with rusty guns in the closet. Get you a good box (ie vault), use desiccant, and wipe down once a month. No real work, just wipe a silicone gun rag over the exposed metal. There is no magic way down here of clean and forget gun care. I'm a Gunsmith student and this is the way I clean up. (The preceding sounds pretentious. Sorry).