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  1. ok so i have this cold steel razor sharp buck knife and it had a lot of rust on it and i cleaned most of it off but theres still a rust stain any clue on how to get that off?
  2. c3shooter

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    0000 steel wool (very fine, available at hardware stores) wet with a light oil, such as Remoil, or 3-N-1, rub blade until arm falls off, then change hands. Flitz metal polish, or white jewelers rouge on a felt polishing bob in a dremel. The PROPER name should not be stainless steel, but stain less steel. It is rust resistant, NOT rust proof.

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    c3shooter's suggestions should work. Is it rust or is the blade pitted? You'll be able to remove surface rust but if there's deeper pitting it will leave a mark even after you clean it up.

    Do you have any pictures?

    You can also try Scotch Brite pads.