Russian SKS with tapco T6...Legal?

Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by MEK37, Sep 4, 2008.

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    I purchased a Russian SKS and wanted to put a tapco t6 with bayonet. I live in CT. Is this legal? How about detachable mags.... 20; 30 rounds? also I would like a better understanding of the "922r". I am not a lawyer so the actual statute/law seems a bit fuzzy and "black/white" to me. Your input would be a great help.
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    hmmm... the 922r isn't so fuzzy. There is a list of parts that make up a rifle, and you MUST not have more than ten of the parts be manufactured from outside the USA. Each rifle is a bit different, because some have more parts than others. The flash hider/muzzle brake counts as one, and can easily be changed out on many rifles.

    As far as your state law, there is a website somewhere that details each state's firearm rules. I can't recall it, but a google should find it.

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    If Ct. is like NY in this regard, and I think it is, you cannot have a magazine capacity of more than 10 rds. This is left over from the '94 ban, and NY and Ct. kept those restrictions. Since the SKS is Curio and Relic eligible, the bayonet and grenade launcher are ok - but detacheable high-cap magazines are not.